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SnehaSparsham ( meaning touch of love)…Our way of bringing in solace in their life. No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving…. For It Is In Giving That We Shall Receive…

₹4,00,000.00 of ₹30,00,000.00 raised
Hey! We've raised ₹4,00,000.00 of the ₹30,00,000.00 we are trying to raise for this campaign!


Y2KTOTS, a youth initiative, who have joined together to work voluntarily to kindle a light in the lives of the less fortunate of our society, the destitute children. Founded, way back in the year 2000 at Bangalore by a group of students, Y2ktots today has a number of enthusiastic youths from every walks of life as its active volunteers who are determined to bring a positive change in the life of these helpless people.

As an Organization based out of Kochi, Kerala, Y2ktots foundation had been in the forefront of the rescue and relief activities since Kerala was hit by the worst-ever floods in a century. More than 400 people have lost their lives and over a lakh people have become homeless due to this unprecedented calamity. As far as the estimate by the government of Kerala there is a total damage which amounts to a whopping Rs 40,000 cores.

SnehaSparsham is our way of Rehabilitation Process for the flood affected through which we plan to bring in solace and comfort in the mentally traumatized life of these unfortunate people. We believe with the collective effort we could change the unforeseen destiny of these people and bring in some light into the life of these ill-fated of our fellow human beings.

Since the time the devastating floods had destroyed the dreams and lifes of a many, our volunteers had extended the support to the flood affected victims in the worst affected places like N. Paravur, Alwaye, Kuttanad, Thrissur, Idukki and even to the remote tribal colonies personally visiting their homes and handing over the relief materials.

Under SnehaSparsham we plan to launch various welfare schemes. We would have

• Housing Projects
• Livelihood Support
• Micro finance
• Motivational and interactive programs

and many more which we think can help them to forget the misery they underwent and make them ready to face the present life after the floods and the future with more courage and determination to overcome all the challenges they would face while rebuilding. Through snehasparsham we have made sure that apart from the much needed mental support they need, a little bit of financial support to restart their life with hastily is also taken care of.

To make SnehaSparsham , a reality we need support from good-hearted people like you. Kindly do support our noble venture and accept our invite heartily to be a part of our way of bringing solace to the unfortunate of our brothers and sisters and to revel in their joys and share their woes and to make yourself stand tall and proud for having done your part. Your contribution and support will be a great inspiration and motivation for us in bringing out the tiny tot of love and care in all of us since we truly believe in our age-old motto