“This house was the only asset we had. We have no idea when we are going to rebuild this. We believe it’s completely out of our capacity “ subran could not complete his words as tears rolled his teary face while he walked us amid the relics of his partially damaged house. “Since the flood washed away our home our family lives in our relative’s house. My youngest daughter still wakes up at night and cries out of fear” Says Raju, another flood victim. Such was the mental stress and trauma almost thousands like him had undergone after the calamity. when we first met Raju he was standing and staring at a vacant area on the roadside. After talking to him only then we understood, that in that vacant area was his house which got completely washed away in the horrifying floods.Subran and Raju represent the thousands who directly or indirectly was affected by the unfortunate calamity. With destroyed dreams, shattered minds and brimming eyes they look up to any source which can help them rebuild their life’s.

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Y2ktots foundation, had been in the forefront of the flood and landslide relief activities during the affected times. Our volunteers had met several people like Raju and Subran who had the same rhetorical questions about the future. Since the time the devastating flood and numerous landslides had shattered the dreams and lives of a many, the volunteers of Y2kTots foundation had been giving all the possible support to the worst affected areas in N. Paravur, Aluva, Kuttanad, Thrissur, Idukki personally visiting their homes with the relief material supply reaching even the remote tribal colonies.

They are trying to rebuild their lost lives from the bits and pieces left out. They have been helped a lot with the relief materials from various sources but still, the question of restructuring their lost homes and rebuilding their lives is a dilemma for them as most of the people who are Worsley affected are poor people who depend on daily wages for their livelihood.

Once again we kindly request you to support in our mission with regard to the Rehabilitation Process we have undertaken of these unfortunate of our fellow human beings and thus be a helping hand in changing their destiny and in empowering them with the hope to live and power to dream which they are in much need now. As one nation Let’s Unite and Kindly extend our helping hands to bring back the displaced to normal life and Bestow Hope on them.

Snehasparsham is conceptuialed as a one day event through which we plan to bring in solace and comfort in the mentally traumatized life of these unfortunate people. We believe with collective effort we could change the unforeseen destiny of these people. With Snehasparasham we are trying bring in some light in to the life of these ill-fated of our fellow human beings. We are planning the event in such a way that they forget the misery they under went and get ready to face the present life after the floods and the future with more courage and determination to overcome all the challenges they would face. We too have plans to financially support them to rebuild their lifes.

We did help many of them with the limited resources we could gather till now. As an organization who is working on the ground zero we are well aware of the reality of the situations happening. Most of these people have turned penniless because of no job. Also the help expected from the Govt authorities is also on a minimum scale because of the vastness of the calamity. Understanding the reality we have launched “SnehaSparsham” and we are seeking your support for making it a reality. We invite you heartily to “SNEHASPARSHAM” to revel in their joys and share their woes, and to make yourself stand tall and proud for having done your part, thus become that inspiration and motivation for us in bringing out the tiny tot in all of us, since we believe “ONLY INNOCENCE SURVIVES”

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