Our Approach

We always believed, it is better to kindle a candle than to sit cursing the darkness and that youth has the energy and enthusiasm to bring about positive changes for the betterment of our society. When we started our journey with y2ktots as students, to dedicate our spare time for the welfare of unfortunate of our little brothers and sisters we could understand and feel the positive difference our presence had made in their life.

Today after 18 years of our formation we still recreate that magic among those children through more of our fellow members who are youths from various walks determined to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged children. Through our various projects primarily focusing on education, we reach out to the needy children residing in various orphanages, shelter homes, slums, foster care homes and rehabilitation centres spreading our message of love, care and happiness.

As we understand as youths we need to get involve in causes of social changes, we too have extended our support to various causes of social relevance be it supporting the flood and disaster-affected people to caring for the needy who seeks support irrespective of the primary goal the organization follows.  Aligning with the changing times we have used technology extensively in our projects to help us reach to more of the needy people effectively and thus help us in overcoming the gaps which existed earlier with the system. Through all our projects our aim and dream is to ensure that in future, that a present generation of unprivileged children should be able to leave behind a strong and firm legacy for their children and the society, thus acting as agents of change in a postive manner and we at Y2kTots catalyst this change.