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“India the most affected country in child malnutrition in the world. One in three malnourished children on this planet is Indian” – UNICEF

₹3,00,000.00 of ₹60,00,000.00 raised
Hey! We've raised ₹3,00,000.00 of the ₹60,00,000.00 we are trying to raise for this campaign!

Malnutrition - The hidden epidemic gripping India

An estimated 23.6% of the population of India lives below a purchasing power of Rs 100 a day. This poverty does not directly lead to malnutrition but it leaves a large chunk of the population without adequate amounts of food. This makes a lack of access to food since people are too poor to go out and purchase it. According to the Registrar General of India, the mortality of children under the age of five was about 59 out of every 1000 live births which is one of the highest rates in the world. It is reported that this is mainly due to malnutrition in the children. Poor nutrition within the first thousand days of a child’s life can have many negative causes to them. It can lead to stunted growth, impaired cognitive ability, reduced school performance, and diseases like diarrhea. According to a report, 68% of deaths in children under 5 years of age, in India, is due to malnutrition. India is facing an unprecedented nutrition crisis and children are the ones most severely impacted. Child under nutrition or malnutrition is measured on three key indicators: stunting (a lower-than-expected height for age), wasting (lower-than-expected weight for height), and underweight (lower-than-expected weight for age).
• About 1 million children die of malnutrition-related causes in India yearly
• Malnutririon in a child can increase the risk of dying 11 times
• More than 30% children in urban india are severly malnourished.
• Post the Covid 19 pandemic immunity crisis is very evident especially in malnourished children

Ready To Eat Nutritious Food (RTENF) has saved more than 20 million lives till date from malnutrition deaths

We Now Seek Your Support.. To help in Launching

The whole idea of Good Food Thrive, is to support in eradicate malnutrition and provide healthy and wellness food for the needy. By good food we mean healthy and nutritious diet food that help boost immunity and maintain an emotional and mental wellbeing of a person. Conceptualized as India’s first project for providing wellness food for the under privileged, for the smooth implementation of this project we have tied up with prominent wellness food suppliers in the country from whom wellness cooked food based of various green leafy veggies and millets or Ready To Eat Nutritious Food ( RTENF) will be sourced and supplied to the economically weak class who is deprived of this kind of healthy diet. We plan to implement this project in various orphanages, destitute homes, old age homes, tribal areas, Govt: schools and among the economically weak.

We hope this initiative would be beneficial to the economically weaker section of the society especially the children and the old age people who faces malnutrition and is deprived of these healthy and nutritious diet foods.

We seek your Support and blessings to make this project a successful one and help us in our small initiative to spread the awareness about healthy food habits and its importance in keeping lifestyle diseases at bay and about building strong immune system with necessary intake of essential nutrients.